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Athens City Guide

While for the last decade Athens has been struggling with the impact of the ongoing economic crisis, which has also brought up some big questions regarding Greece’s self-identity and the country’s place within Europe, the hard times have also helped spark a process of rediscovery, with Greeks taking a new look at their own identity, their own resources and – most importantly from our perspective – their own culinary traditions and heritage.

Read the Athens State of the Stomach

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Athens Videos

Visual Dispatches from the Frontlines of Local Eating

CB Cooks: Carolina Doriti Makes Dolmades Avgolemono
CB Cooks: Carolina Doriti Makes Galatopita, a Greek Milk Pie
A Sweet Greek Tradition
Kozani Saffron, the Greek Spice of Myth
Culinary Backstreets Visits: A Traditional Cheesemaker on Amorgos
Distilling Tsipouro
Making Pasteli in Amorgos
Culinary Backstreets’ “Migrant Kitchen” Event in Athens
CB Cooks: Carolina Doriti Makes Dolmades Avgolemono

Athens:  An Eaters Guide to the City

Part of our “An Eater’s Guide to the City” series, this newly updated and expanded book was created with those who travel to eat in mind.

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