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Theodore Charles

Theodore Charles

Theodore, one of CBs Turkey correspondents, grew up in a small farming community in the Pacific Northwest, equal distance between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada. He has a Masters in anthropology, with a specialization in post-Mediaeval archaeology. He fell in love with Turkey while participating in Fulbright Grants in Edirne and Sinop, and has decided to stay a while. He also has a background in photojournalism and an unhealthy obsession with yogurt-based drinks. Theodore teaches English at Sinop University and is scouring Turkey for the most explosive pickled peppers and fragrant fried liver.

Recent stories by Theodore Charles

August 3, 2020

CB on the Road: Deniz Börek Salonu in Edirne

Istanbul |
Istanbul -- Edirne has more meat to offer beyond the glistening liver that bears its name. Deniz Börek Salonu has crowned the top of Saraçlar Caddesi since 1986. Every morning, lines of salivating citizens hurry to work with crunchy poğaças or sit down to enjoy steaming heaps of stuffed pastry. Read more
August 21, 2017

In a Pickle

Istanbul |
Istanbul -- Our meyhane crawl in Istanbul pays a visit to one of the city's many shops that sells exclusively pickled goods with incredible variety. Do pickled sour green plums sound weird? Maybe, but they are delicious!
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