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Sam Zucker

Sam Zucker

Sam, one of CBs Barcelona correspondents, is originally from Boston and works as a freelance writer in Spain. Along with CB he also writes for, Barcelona Metropolitan magazine, Seasonal Cities travel app, and Delius Digital guidebook publishing. In addition, Sam is a professionally-trained chef (Culinary Institute of America) and also works as an Account Manager at a Barcelona social media/digital marketing startup. His favorite things to do in Barcelona are to wander around the Ciutat Vella with his camera in hand, and to drink vermouth and eat cheese and pickled anchovies on a Sunday afternoon in his neighborhood of El Born.

You can find all of Sam's articles for CB here.

Sam's social media and other writing can be found on his website

Recent stories by Sam Zucker

April 14, 2021

CB on the Road: Queso de Mahón, Menorca's Big Cheese

Barcelona |
Barcelona -- At 10 a.m., Juan Trenado, head of cheese production at Finca Subaida, and his team had already been toiling for several hours. They moved efficiently through each step of the artisanal process, expertly crafting block after block of the famous Queso de Mahón on the Mediterranean island of Menorca. Read more
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