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Paula Mourenza

Paula Mourenza

Paula, CB’s chief Barcelona correspondent and its operations manager, is a writer who cannot understand life without the pleasure and the power of food and wine. Born in northwest Spain’s Vigo (excellent seafood, home of the Albariño wine region), she has lived and worked in Barcelona since 2000. After a stint in the world of advertising, Paula became a versatile freelancer working as writer, designer and creative-consultant for Barcelona Media Culture Lab. A wine enthusiast, she has also worked as wine writer and wine labels design manager for the wine club VinoE. Paula has contributed to online media in Spanish, including Yelp Barcelona, covering bars, restaurants and places to see in Barcelona and has worked for one of the world’s top tea connoisseurs, Inés Berton, in her showroom Tealosophy BCN, supplier to numerous restaurants and hotels. She also served as the Barcelona researcher to the National Geographic show “Top Tables Top Cities.” She has been a part of the CB team since 2012.

Recent stories by Paula Mourenza

February 15, 2018

L’Artesana: Workers’ Delight

Barcelona -- Years ago, when it was a booming industrial center, Poblenou saw thousands of workers stream in every day to toil away at one of several factories in the neighborhood. Hearty fare was required to keep them going – sure, taste mattered, but sustenance was the most pressing concern. Read more
February 5, 2018

Barcelona: State of the Stomach 2018

Barcelona -- In 1977, just two years after the death of Franco, the great Catalan gourmet Manuel Vázquez Montalbán published a book titled L’art de menjar en Catalunya (The Art of Eating in Catalonia). The book, as well as the prologue written by Montalbán’s mentor Néstor Luján, rang the alarm bells, claiming that authentic Catalan cuisine was in grave danger and on the brink of disappearance. Read more
January 31, 2018

Espai Mescladís: Barcelona, Open City

Barcelona -- The entryway of Espai Mescladís is jam-packed with people: neighbors, workers and visitors who come and go all day long, and waiters walking from the kitchen to the tables on the terrace. But there are also dozens of people staring out from black and white photos that cover the restaurant’s walls; some are alone, others in couples, families or groups, smiling and laughing. Read more