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Madeleine Roberts

Madeleine Roberts

Madeleine was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and left the cold weather behind to study chemical engineering in New Orleans. In a hardhat and boots, she worked at a chemical plant in Taft, Louisiana, before moving to Istanbul on a whim in 2001. That adventure has lasted 13 years, produced two children and a fast-paced career in management consulting. In 2015, she left her job as a consultant to join the CB family full-time where she manages operations.

Recent stories by Madeleine Roberts

February 13, 2017

Queens Trip: Tasting Our Way Through New York’s Most Diverse Borough

Queens --
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Manhattan may have name-brand recognition and Brooklyn a certain cache, but Queens is the city’s largest and most diverse borough. It’s a place where the neighborhoods still have a neighborhood feel, filled with small family-run restaurants that have been around for generations; a place where new immigrant communities can still afford to put down roots, bringing their food traditions with them.   Read more