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Kristin Melia

Recent stories by Kristin Melia

December 17, 2018

Best Bites 2018: Naples

By Amedeo Colella and Kristin Melia
Naples -- Since mid-December of last year, it’s felt like Naples has been at the center of the world, at least gastronomically speaking. Most significantly, UNESCO added the Neapolitan art of pizza making to its list of “intangible cultural heritage.” It’s not merely recognition of Neapolitan pizza as a beloved dish, but also of the important ancient art that was developed in the city and passed down from generation to generation of pizzaioli. Read more
October 17, 2018

Building Blocks: In Naples, There’s Something in the Air

By Kristin Melia
Naples -- In the early 18th century, before there was the Spinning Jenny, the Cotton Gin and the steam engine, a new machine was making waves in Gragnano, the grain capital of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies. It was the torchio, the pasta extruder. And it would radically and permanently change the diet of Italy. Read more