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Geoffrey Ballinger

Recent stories by Geoffrey Ballinger

July 6, 2021

ÇiÇi Çiğ Börek: Untraditionally Traditional

Istanbul |
By Geoffrey Ballinger
Istanbul -- In Turkey, talk of çiğ börek, invariably leads to a mention of Eskişehir. A small Anatolian city famous for its vibrant student life and the historic Ottoman-style houses in the old town of Odunpazarı, Eskişehir is famous for these fried half-moon meat-filled pastries. Read more
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March 9, 2021

Hatay Yöresel Ürünler: Straight From the Source

Istanbul |
By Geoffrey Ballinger
Istanbul -- Walking through the Uzun Carşı (Long Market) in Antakya, the capital of southern Turkey’s Hatay region, is a veritable feast for the senses. Among shoe shops, cobblers and barbers, künefe makers drizzle batter on a hot spinning surface to make the threadlike dough for the cheese-filled dessert, grocers watch over mountains of fragrant spices, and bakers slide tepsi kebabı, the region’s most famous meat dish, into roaring wood-fired ovens alongside a myriad of savory flat breads. Read more
December 23, 2020

Essential Bites: Mobile Meze and Versatile Lavaş in Istanbul

Istanbul |
By Paul Benjamin Osterlund and Geoffrey Ballinger
Istanbul -- Müşterek’s Mezes on the Move Müşterek has been my favorite meyhane for quite some time, but I’ve been less than vocal about this in public. During its heyday, it could be tough to get a table in the cozy space even on a weekday, so I preferred to keep mum about this beloved spot on Beyoğlu’s Mis Sokak for fear of it becoming overhyped and overcrowded. Read more
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