Esin Yaşar, Author at Culinary Backstreets
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Esin Yaşar

Esin Yaşar

Esin was on her way up the corporate ladder, seven years into a marketing career for Toyota, when she realized that this was not the life for her. She longed for a slow glass of tea streets of Istanbul, family wedding feasts in her father's hometown of Kayseri, markets filled with fresh fish and produce in Alanya, where she grew up. She had to get out of that office job and that is just what she did to become a professional guide. Extensive world travel and a passion for her home country gives Esin a special point of view when leading tours on her favorite subject, Turkish cuisine. She's not so much a guide as your friend in town. In addition to Turkish and English, she speaks Japanese.

Food tours given by Esin Yaşar

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