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Erin O’Brien

Recent stories by Erin O’Brien

November 8, 2022

CB on the Road: A Liver Tour of Diyarbakir

Istanbul |
By Erin O’Brien
Istanbul -- If there is one thing that we learned throughout our time in Diyarbakir, it is that everyone here has their favorite liver place. We traveled to this southeastern Turkish city in the hopes of discovering the “best liver,” the best example of the ancient city’s delicacy, but upon arrival realized just how insurmountable a task that was. Read more
February 2, 2022

Meat Palaces: A Büryan Tour of Istanbul’s Kadınlar Pazarı

Istanbul |
By Erin O’Brien
Istanbul -- Ask anyone from the Eastern Turkish city of Bitlis where büryan kebabı comes from, and they’ll proudly tell you that the slow-cooked meat dish hails from none other than their hometown, near Lake Van. Pose the same question to folks from Siirt, just 100 km south, and they’ll insist anyone making it from a city other than theirs is doing it all wrong. Read more
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