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Davey Young

Davey Young is a writer and English teacher living in Tokyo, Japan.

Recent stories by Davey Young

March 9, 2019

Karē wa Nomimono: Japanese Curry Roulette

Tokyo -- There’s a general rule of thumb in Tokyo that if you see a line in front of a restaurant, it’s probably worth standing in. Maybe that’s how we first discovered Karē wa Nomimono. Or maybe it was the heady scent of fresh curry that wafts out the kitchen door before the restaurant opens every day. Read more
June 18, 2018

Tokyo Kissaten: Coffee and (Minimal) Conversation

Tokyo -- Our eyes take a moment to adjust to the dim light upon walking into Ladrio. The room is like a vault, its brick walls and floor emitting a scent familiar to anyone who’s ever been in a cave or stone cellar. This mustiness is comforting, however, and the cool air a welcome reprieve from the furnace of the Tokyo summer outside. Read more