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Danielle Renwick

Recent stories by Danielle Renwick

June 27, 2017

Bar Bunda & Beer Lab: A Tale of Two Bars

Rio |
By Danielle Renwick
Rio -- Autumn in Rio finds the city at its the best. The days are sunny, the scorching heat of January and February has subsided, and it's low season for tourists, which means the beaches are less crowded. The only problem with fall days is they end too early—the sun sets by 6:00 pm in April. If you want to keep the day going, one good option is to head to one of the city's many beachside pé sujos (literally, dirty feet), ultra-casual outdoor bars. Read more
May 15, 2017

Biscoito Globo: King of the Beach

Rio |
By Danielle Renwick
Rio -- Asking cariocas if they remember their first Biscoito Globo, the ubiquitous, crunchy beach snack, is like asking anyone who teethed in the United States if they remember trying Cheerios for the first time. Read more
March 14, 2017

Building Blocks: Jambú, Brazil's Magic Herb

Rio |
By Danielle Renwick
Rio -- Jambú-infused cachaça is bitter and a bit grassy, and newcomers to the drink often grimace at first taste. But seconds later something happens: the liquor's harshness gives way to a gentle tingling, then numbness, first on the tip of the tongue, then to the lips and the back of the throat. Read more
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