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Dalia Mortada

Dalia, who writes for CB’s Syrian Kitchen in Exile project, moved to Istanbul from Virginia in 2011 as a rookie reporter and expert eater. In the years since, she has built her portfolio reporting breaking news, politics and features on current affairs, meanwhile exploring the intersection of identity, migration, culture and food. It’s a crossroads that has marked her own life as the daughter of Syrian immigrants and inspired her project. She’s a regular on PRI’s The World and other public radio outlets, and has written for Al Jazeera, GlobalPost and Deustche Welle, among others. When she’s not in the field or transcribing tape, you’ll probably find her coaxing unsuspecting loved ones and Istanbul street cats into taste-testing her culinary experiments.

Recent stories by Dalia Mortada

February 3, 2017

Al Ahdab: Groceries for the Homesick

By and
Istanbul -- (Editor's Note: In honor of the immigrants and refugees who have made their new home a better place for us all, this week we are running some of our favorite archived stories about those who have left a culinary mark on their adopted land.)

On a recent sunny afternoon at the tiny Al Ahdab market, a wedge of light slashed through the front windows illuminating posters for condensed milk in Arabic script and one of an energy drink called Hell. Read more