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Christina Michele Rios

Christina Michele Rios

CB Athens contributor Christina Michele is a New Yorker who was born to a French-Spanish father and American mother and grew up in a number of drastically different cultures across the world. A foodie or “gastronome” virtually since birth, she enjoys authentic hole in the wall eateries as much as a Michelin Star meal. She has worked for leading luxury fashion brands in New York City and currently works as a journalist, copywriter and brand architect for a leading Digital and Creative agency in Athens, Greece. This logophile has found her true calling – combining her passion for writing and food and is always on the prowl for the next hidden gem.

Recent stories by Christina Michele Rios

February 4, 2016

Loukoumades: An Ancient Doughnut Hole’s Revival

Athens |
Athens -- In the era of such food crazes as the “cronut,” it seems that every city has its own classic fried-dough treat that is now being reimagined, and in Athens, loukoumades (think of them as the Greek predecessor of doughnut holes) seem to be getting a major overhaul as of late. Why revamp such a perfect childhood classic, you might ask? Read more
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