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Carine Castro

Carine Castro

Native of Porto, Carine was raised in Paris where her father worked as a chef and exposed his children to the world of gastronomy. Her childhood home was filled with foie gras and French charcuterie, but her mother’s cooking was fully Portuguese comfort food- Porto style tripe, blood-thickened chicken stew, and, of course, codfish. As a teenager Carine moved back to Portugal, studied tourism and become a guide in the Port Wine cellars of Porto. There she dug deep into the city’s wine and food culture, rediscovering dishes from her past and witnessing the birth of new culinary traditions. She loves her city and will never say no to a plate of tournedos with port wine sauce.

Food tours given by Carine Castro

August 27, 2019

Sweet Surrender in Porto

Porto |
Porto -- We kick off our Porto walk with the city’s favorite pastry, the éclair filled with whipped cream. The éclair is so popular that it was officially registered as The Sweet of Porto. We pair ours with a strong coffee for a solid start to the morning.
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