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Alexis Steinman

Alexis Steinman

Storyteller by trade, Alexis loves sharing the tales of Marseille in her articles and on her walks. When not writing about Foreign Legion veterans-turned-winemakers or translating for the Provence tourist office, this journalist posts her latest discoveries on her IG and site, Yes Way Marseille. Insatiably curious, she roams the backstreets of Marseille to uncover the 2600-year-old city’s treasures, one bite at a time.

Recent stories by Alexis Steinman

October 13, 2021

Maison M&R: Seaside Southern Comfort

Marseille |
Marseille -- A 16th-century tower stands at the southern edge of the Plage des Catalans, the closest beach to Marseille’s city center. The Tour Paul was one of the city’s lazarets, quarantine stations for sick sailors to prevent disease from entering the city. Read more
September 21, 2021

Tava Hada Pilpeta: Hometown Harissa

Marseille |
Marseille -- Though synonymous with Tunisia, Algeria and other North African nations, harissa’s main ingredient helms from Mexico. After 1492, chile peppers crossed the Atlantic via the Columbian Exchange, trading between the New World and Old World. It was Spain that introduced Tunisia to the spicy capsicum during their 16-century occupation. Read more
August 31, 2021

Souk de Nour d’Egypte: Mediterranean Feast

Marseille |
Marseille -- A few blocks from the fragrant street stands of Noailles, another multicultural bazaar unfolds indoors. An aproned man fries up falafel balls to stuff into sandwiches. At a wooden cart besides him, a girl pushes sugar cane into a whirring juicer that pours out the sweet nectar in a glass. Down the hallway, two women finger bolts of colorful Egyptian fabric and glittering ribbons. Read more
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