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Alexis Steinman

Alexis Steinman

Storyteller by trade, Alexis loves sharing the tales of Marseille in her articles and on her walks. When not writing about Foreign Legion veterans-turned-winemakers or translating for the Provence tourist office, this journalist posts her latest discoveries on her IG and site, Yes Way Marseille. Insatiably curious, she roams the backstreets of Marseille to uncover the 2600-year-old city’s treasures, one bite at a time.

Recent stories by Alexis Steinman

April 11, 2023

L’Après M: Fast Social Food

Marseille |
Marseille -- At a booth bathed in the winter sun, a group of coworkers happily munch burgers and frites. Behind them, a toddler claps with glee as his mom hands him a meal in a colorful box. Two teens bypass the counter to punch in their order at the giant phone-like kiosk. Read more
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