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Alexis Steinman

Alexis Steinman

Storyteller by trade, Alexis loves sharing the tales of Marseille in her articles and on her walks. When not writing about Foreign Legion veterans-turned-winemakers or translating for the Provence tourist office, this journalist posts her latest discoveries on her IG and site, Yes Way Marseille. Insatiably curious, she roams the backstreets of Marseille to uncover the 2600-year-old city’s treasures, one bite at a time.

Recent stories by Alexis Steinman

April 5, 2021

Spring (Food) Break 2021: Brousse du Rove, Free-Range Goat Cheese in Marseille

Marseille |
Marseille -- Editor’s note: Here at Culinary Backstreets, we eagerly await the coming of spring each year, not just for the nicer weather but also because some of our favorite foods and dishes are at their best – or indeed, are only available – for a short period during this season. This post from Marseille is the first installment of “Spring (Food) Break 2021,” a weeklong celebration of our favorite springtime eats. Read more
March 24, 2021

Recipe: Yabrak, Stuffed Romaine Leaves For a Tunisian Passover in Marseille

Marseille |
Marseille -- On March 27 of this year, Monique and Josef, the Moroccan-born couple that own Patisserie Avyel, plan to roast a turmeric-coated lamb shoulder above a bed of onions. My friend Judith, whose family hails from Algeria’s Tlemcen region, will blend almonds and raisins into mlosia, a thick jam. And, in my apartment, I will simmer matzo balls in chicken broth as my Lithuanian ancestors once did. Read more
March 11, 2021

Chez Fanny: Standby Sandwiches

Marseille |
Marseille -- With Marseille restaurants shuttered in the Covid era, many have transitioned to offering more takeout-friendly fare: namely, sandwiches. The hip bistro Cedrat’s 15-euro “hot fish” features a house-made fish sausage, poutargue (dried red mullet eggs) and seaweed. Michelin-starred fine-dining chef Alexandre Mazzia cures his own pastrami for a decadent, €21 croque-monsieur. Read more
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