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December 14, 2016

Best Bites 2016: Barcelona

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Barcelona -- Barcelona continued to thrill this year with its seemingly never-ending possibilities for great eating, from ambitious family-run eateries to neighborhood restaurants steeped in Catalan traditions to world-renowned temples of gastronomy. Read more
August 11, 2016

CB on the Road: Queso de Mahón, Menorca's Big Cheese

Barcelona -- At 10 a.m., Juan Trenado, head of cheese production at Finca Subaida, and his team had already been toiling for several hours. They moved efficiently through each step of the artisanal process, expertly crafting block after block of the famous Queso de Mahón on the Mediterranean island of Menorca. Read more
May 5, 2016

CB on the Road: Promoting Peas in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres

Barcelona -- “People know about our peas all over the world!” Marc Bertrán exclaimed as he stood, arms crossed, behind a folding table laden with jars of cooked green peas, stacks of pamphlets and a big crock of silky pea hummus with a bowl of crackers, inviting passersby to enjoy a taste of three generations’ worth of dedication. Read more
Check out the best of La Barceloneta with us!
March 30, 2016

Can Solé: From Fishermen to Famosos

Barcelona -- Since the late 18th century, this quiet street corner in the salty seaside neighborhood of La Barceloneta has borne the name Can Solé. The long history of this tradition-steeped restaurant began with Gregorio Solé, owner of a shop of the same name, which sold soaps, oils and other sundries. Read more
December 8, 2015

CB on the Road: Santa Coloma de Farners' Ratafia Festival

Barcelona -- 2015 has been a banner year for the herb-infused liqueur known as ratafia. In the little town of Santa Coloma de Farners, within the Catalan province of Girona, locals have been making this unique libation for centuries, with each family passing down their own version of the drink from one generation to the next. Read more
November 20, 2015

CB on the Road: Medieval Times in Peratallada

Barcelona -- When you live in a medieval town that is as beautifully preserved as the little Catalonian hamlet of Peratallada, you are never too old for dress-up. All year round, these worn stone walls and charming plaças effortlessly take visitors back in time to the 10th century. Read more
October 19, 2015

CB on the Road: Martín Faixó in Cadaqués

Barcelona -- “In Cadaqués, we cure anchovies differently than anywhere else,” Rafel Martín Faixó told us. We were sitting at long wooden tables outside of his family’s winery, on a sunbaked hilltop in Cadaqués, two and a half hours north of Barcelona. Read more
July 7, 2015

CB on the Road: The Catalan Stew Masters of Juneda

Barcelona -- Upon the hot and dry plains of Les Garrigues, two irrigation canals cut through an agricultural expanse, diverging first from the ample Segre River, which runs through the center of the city of Lleida, before subdividing again, their meandering channels reaching farther and farther into an otherwise parched plateau. Read more