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Search Results for '"tasca tables"'
May 11, 2018

Tasca Tables: Maçã Verde, the Grown Up Snack Bar

Lisbon -- Let’s go back in time to 1981 – the beginning of a decade of hope in Lisbon. Portugal is about to enter the EEC (European Economic Community, precursor to the European Union), and word on the street is that funds will start flowing into the country and living standards will improve. Read more
Feast in a tasca just like this on our Lisbon Awakens tour.
April 11, 2018

Tasca Tables: Like Clockwork at A Provinciana

Lisbon -- Most tascas’ walls are covered with tiles, framed family or hometown pictures and soccer teams’ scarves. But inside A Provinciana, located between the neighborhoods of Restauradores and Rossio, the main decorative objects are dozens of original handmade wall clocks. Read more
February 1, 2018

Tasca Tables: The Spectacular Imperial de Campo de Ourique

Lisbon -- To describe something that is better than good, Portuguese speakers sometimes use the word espectáculo (show, spectacle) as an adjective. João Gomes, the owner of Imperial de Campo de Ourique, does it every five minutes. He practically trademarked the phrase “É um espectáculo” (It’s a show/spectacle), to the point that he has it embroidered on his apron. Read more
The tasca, an essential element of our Lisbon walks.
March 22, 2017

Tasca Tables: Fish First at O Pitéu da Graça

Lisbon -- One of Lisbon’s best views is just steps away from Largo da Graça in Saint Andre, one of the city’s seven hills. The famous overlook offers views of most of the city and even some of the Tejo river. Read more
October 4, 2016

Tasca Tables: Super-Fry Das Flores

Lisbon -- Roughly a year ago, José, the owner of Das Flores, was heartbroken: he had just received an eviction notice demanding that he close the restaurant. And it’s not like he hadn’t been paying his rent – he had, but there were plans to transform the whole building into a luxury hotel. Read more