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The Spanish Civil War Menu: Creativity in a Time of Shortage

May 6, 2017
$28.50/person USD
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  • Fee includes everything consumed on activity
  • Group Size: 10-20
  • Start/End: 10:45am – 2:45pm
  • Duration: ~4 hours

The Spanish Civil War and the period that followed came on the heels of a decadent time in Barcelona when culinary and cultural developments were at a high, and then bombs rained down on the city for years. Food shortages, rationing and a black market become part of daily life, but the creative spirit of the city’s citizens still shone brightly. It was in these conditions that the Catalan chef, Ignasi Domenech adapted the classic Spanish tortilla (a dish consisting of eggs and potatoes) without using eggs or potatoes, at once avant garde and severely practical.

This special event, created by Culinary Backstreets as part of Atlas Obscura’s “Obscura Day,” will celebrate the culinary ingenuity under pressure that came out of the Civil War era in Barcelona. We will begin with a visit to an underground bomb shelter to understand a bit about daily life during the war. We will then have a sit-down meal in a beautifully preserved modernist apartment. The meal will feature several courses from Catalan “war menu” recipes that were preserved from this period of history.