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Greek Wine’s Rebirth, Uncorked

$125/person USD
Book now Give as a gift
  • Fee includes everything consumed on the walk
  • Group Size: 2-10
  • Start/End: 5:00pm-8:00pm
  • Duration: about 3.0 hours

Greece has one of world’s oldest winemaking cultures, but for decades its wine has had a less than stellar reputation. No more. In fact, over the last few years, Greece has emerged as perhaps the most exciting up-and-coming wine-producing region in Europe, with a new generation of innovative vintners bottling exceptional wines, often using forgotten native grape varietals that are now being rediscovered.

On this evening activity we’ll get a taste of Greek wine’s rebirth, visiting a select few of central Athens’ best wine bars and sipping our way through Greece as we explore the country’s diverse wine regions, from southern Crete to the northernmost edge of Amyndeo. During our wine-tasting stops we’ll learn about – and sample wines from – the well-known appellations of Santorini, Naoussa and Nemea as well as some emerging winemaking areas like Crete and Thrace. As we discuss the history of Greek wine, from antiquity to the present, we’ll also be introduced to wines made with some of the unique local varietals that are making a comeback and even get a taste of one of the “new wave” retsinas – wines flavored with pine resin – that are breathing new life into this traditional method of winemaking.

The tasting of 10 different wines, accompanied by a selection of craft cheeses and other snacks, was curated for us by the oenophiles at, a Greek startup that sources hard-to-find wines from alternative and smaller producers. Leading the tasting is Angelos Damoulianos, the company’s founder, an expert sommelier with a degree in Greek viniculture from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust. Previously involved in the banking industry, Damoulianos 15 years ago became obsessed with his country’s wine and has since been crisscrossing Greece in search of that true Greek classic: the perfect bottle of wine. It’s a quest that, through this walk, we are delighted to be able to invite others to join.

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Greek Wine’s Rebirth, Uncorked

Greece has one of world’s oldest winemaking cultures, but for decades its wine has had a less than stellar reputation. No more. In fact, over […]

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Untitled-8  On this evening activity, you’ ll get a taste of Greek wine’ s rebirth, visiting a select few of central Athens’ best wine bars and sipping your way through Greece as you explore the country’ s diverse wine regions, from southern Crete to the northernmost edge of Amyndeo. Read more

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