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The CB Gift Guide 2017

Truth be told, we’re often not impressed with traditional holiday gift guides. They’re either littered with undisclosed affiliate links or seemingly endless lists (much like […]

CB on the Road

In the West, tofu is considered a boring dish desperately in need of other ingredients to make it interesting. Not so in Japan and especially […]

Building Blocks

Legend has it that huangjiu, or yellow wine, was invented by Du Kang, the god of Chinese alcohol. Annual production starts in eastern China’s Shaoxing […]

Os Imortais

Theres’s a new phenomenon in Rio’s botequim scene. Until some years ago, running one of these small bars was something done exclusively by immigrants from […]

Building Blocks

The resilient almond tree flourishes in a dry climate with very little water, which makes it an ideal tree for Greece, especially in the south […]

November 21, 2017

Schmidt’s Candy: Perfectly Imperfect

The Sweet Life -- The charming sign outside Schmidt’s Candy speaks eloquently, especially when we look closer. The words “home” and “made” frame a tall glass candy jar; we notice the slight irregularity of the brushstrokes, and we see that the candy jar is a bit lopsided, as are the colorful candies inside it. Obviously the sign was painted by hand, and lovingly so.
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Get to know Naples’ street vendors on our culinary walk
November 13, 2017

Carmine the Wizard: A Vendor for All Seasons

Street Eats -- Naples is a city strewn with street vendors. Bread, thin pizzas meant to be eaten folded, fried pizzas, octopus broth, roasted artichokes, cones full of fried goodies, donuts, panzerotti and rice balls – there’s little you can’t find one of Naples’ vendors selling (in our opinion, only Palermo in Sicily eclipses Naples on this front).
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