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Syma Tariq

Syma Tariq

CB Lisbon correspondent Syma is a freelance journalist, editor and independent researcher interested in radio and sounds related to migration and the global south. She works as a correspondent for Monocle in Portugal, and is also a copy editor for The Guardian’s news and opinion desks. She is a regular contributor to Monocle24 radio, covering urbanism and social issues, politics, business and culture. She is currently developing the ongoing radio project A Thousand Channels.

Recent stories by Syma Tariq

April 6, 2017

Bagos: The Rice Side of Life

By and
Lisbon -- In downtown’s Chiado, a slightly bougie-looking restaurant profits from the crowds leaving weekend performances at the São Luiz theatre, a former 19th-century cinema. This place also takes advantage of a common and ubiquitous Portuguese ingredient – rice. Read more
Join us on our crossroads tour and get the backstory on Lisbon’s famous grilled chickens.
March 8, 2017

O Churrasco: Diamond in the Touristy Rough

By and
Lisbon -- Rua das Portas de Santo Antão is probably the most touristy food street in Lisbon. This pedestrian road is full of restaurants with guys outside hawking their specials and menus offering out-of-season sardines and frozen pizzas. Read more