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Sophia Seymour

Sophia Seymour

Sophia graduated in History of Art and Italian at University College London and L'Orientale in Naples. She divides her time between giving tours, making documentaries, writing, working as a fixer for filmmakers and journalists, helping refugees and researching grassroots social, arts and culture movements.

Recent stories by Sophia Seymour

We’ve got a market to show you on our Naples walk.
March 28, 2017

Naples Market Watch, Pt. 1: La Pignasecca in Montesanto

Naples -- It’s Sunday morning at La Pignasecca market in Naples and time is in flux. Picture a Boccioni painting: movement is blurred, there is an inter-penetration of objects, speeding vehicles and sound – a frenetic moment in the Futurists’ imagination. The city rises as engines splutter, traders hustle, klaxons yelp. Read more