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Paul Rimple

Paul Rimple

Paul, CBs Tbilisi Bureau Chief, is a northern California native who gave up a cooking career to move to Chicago to front his own blues band. He spent much of the 1990s in Krakow, Poland before moving in 2002 to Tbilisi, Georgia, where he works as a freelance journalist and performs with his band, The Natural Born Lovers. A former columnist at The Moscow Times, he has been a regular contributor to, The Christian Science Monitor and Deutsche Welle and has written for Foreign Policy, Roads and Kingdoms and the BBC, among others. His only regret is there are no Mexican restaurants in Tbilisi, yet.

Recent stories by Paul Rimple

February 6, 2018

Something Brewing: Georgia’s Tea Renaissance

Tbilisi -- “Tea,” our friend Lasha indicated with a head nod, driving past fields with rows and rows of overgrown, chest-high, bushes of green leaves. It was 2002 and we were zipping along a skinny road littered with potholes on the outskirts of Zugdidi in west Georgia, but we could have also been in Guria or Adjara or even Imereti; regions with tea fields that have also become agrarian relics. Read more
January 15, 2018

Tbilisi: State of the Stomach 2018

Tbilisi -- Editor’s note: Traditionally we have published State of the Stomach pieces when beginning coverage of a new city, to provide an introduction to its food culture and how it shapes daily life. But as we dive deeper into the cities we work in, we’re taking stock of what’s changed, particularly as internal and external factors reshape both the culinary and urban landscape. So we thought it was worthwhile to, over the coming weeks, reexamine how some of these cities are eating, which will inform our coverage in the new year. First up is our look at Tbilisi. Read more