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Margret Hefner

Margret Hefner

Margret is Canadian-born to a European family, and food and travel were a big part of her childhood. In 2009 she was working as a personal chef in Canada when a trip to Mexico became a long-term stay. While cooking there and learning about Mexican food she became focused on the local produce. Recently, she self-published the enhanced eBook "field guide" Frutas y Verduras - A Fresh Food-Lover’s Guide to Mexico, dedicated to helping other English speakers discover and learn about the wealth of indigenous and regional produce of Mexico.

Recent stories by Margret Hefner

May 25, 2017

Atila del Sur Comedor: Oaxaca's Guerrilla Kitchen

Oaxaca -- Oaxaca, consistently ranked as one of the three poorest of Mexico’s 31 states, can also claim the title of having the country’s worst school system. Demonstrations and rallies by students, teachers and unions are a regular occurrence in Oaxaca City, causing frequent gridlock in the center of town. Read more