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Kyle Long

Kyle Long

Kyle, one half of CBs Shanghai team, is an Oregon native with a hunger for finding the citys best noodles, dumplings and just about any type of dessert. Hes been sharing his love of authentic food and drink with his writing since moving to China in 2007. After co-founding Shanghais top culinary tour company in 2010, he took a sabbatical to cycle the world (well, 15 countries) and clocked in 18,000km while raising funds for clean water charities. When hes not running or cycling to make room for more Chinese food, you can find him scouring the web for cheap flights for his next trip.

Recent stories by Kyle Long

February 13, 2018

Auspicious Eating: Ringing in the Year of the Dog

Shanghai -- There’s a joy in staying in China’s big cities over the upcoming Lunar New Year (春节, chūnjié). As people start the “great migration” back to their ancestral hometowns to enjoy the annual reunion dinner (团圆饭, tuányuánfàn, or 年夜饭, nián yè fàn) with their family, Shanghai becomes a ghost town. Read more
February 11, 2018

Lunar New Year Preparations in Shanghai

Shanghai -- As Shanghai prepares to welcome the Year of the Dog, preserved poultry, fish and, as pictured here, the conger pike, a species of eel, can be spotted hanging in quiet laneways and bustling markets, ready to be purchased for traditional holiday dishes. The Lunar New Year begins on Friday, February 16, this year.
September 13, 2017

319 Noodle House: Scan, Slurp, Repeat

Shanghai -- These days, you won’t find anyone reaching for their wallet while dining out in Shanghai. Cash has become almost obsolete as virtual currencies corner every last slice of the retail payment market. Read more