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Juarez Becoza

Juarez Becoza

Juarez Becoza is a carioca journalist. He works as culinary columnist and bohemian guide in Rio de Janeiro. He writes weekly about botequim for Jornal O Globo, a major brazilian newspaper, for more than 15 years now. For his column "Pé-Sujo", he searches and writes about the best, oldest and more hidden bars and popular restaurants in town. Juarez has already visited more than 1.500 drinking and culinary places in the city. Recently, Juarez traveled the World, in a personal project called Around the World in 80 Bars, documenting bars and restaurants from more than 40 countries.

Recent stories by Juarez Becoza

February 15, 2017

Beans & Beats: Pre-Gaming Carnival 2017

Rio -- In Rio, there’s a saying, “And once again, suddenly it’s Carnival.” It’s a joke, of course – as if Carnival didn’t occupy cariocas’ minds a significant part of the year. But the truth is that, in a way, this is precisely what’s going on right now in the “Wonderful City.” Read more
January 24, 2017

Bar Roda Viva: Pig Out

Rio -- Once upon a time, three brothers decided to immigrate. They left their hometown, an extremely poor city called Canindé, in the northeastern state of Ceará, went to Rio de Janeiro and started working in construction. They built a lot of brick walls, ceilings and roofs. Read more
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December 27, 2016

Hocus Pocus DNA: Magic Brew

Rio -- In Rio, only specialty beer bars usually have a touch of sophistication, and generally, the beer there is much more expensive (mainly because of the high tariff on imported hops), the regulars are more demanding and the food is made by a “chef.” Read more